Creative & Content Strategist. Storyteller. Filmmaker. Thought Leader.
Moon is the architect of 'Social Story MicroFilms' or S2M - a storytelling strategy for contents and brands. The strategy combines the fundamental principles of Social Cognitive Psychology and the science of storytelling. A global citizen with over 20 years of experience spanning three continents, Moon has learnt from the best and created contents and messaging for Cartoon Network, MTV, Zee TV, Unilever, HSBC, New York Life, Coca Cola,  Charriol, Cadbury, and British Petroleum amongst others. 
Facts Behind The Theory
Recently, a leading TV network (Zee Entertainment Network) was launching a new talk-show, based on the concept of saying 'Shukriya' (Hindi for 'Thank you'), in a hyper-saturated content landscape in South Asia. Big advertising dollars were at stake and driving appointment viewing through traditional promo route was not going to be enough. 
Moon Oindrila

Moon created a series of three microfilms for them, each telling a powerful story of unspoken gratitude. The films had millions of unique views within minutes of their launch on social media, and resulted in record tune-ins for the launch of the talk-show. 

Why Did It Work?

1. The microfilms powerfully resonated with the audience.

Moon is a master of human emotions in storytelling.

Moon has spent a lifetime transforming brands and networks in the diversity-rich markets by creating universal emotions in content and campaigns. Her career spanned from India to Hong Kong to Singapore to London and finally to the US. She has been a Creative Director at DDB, Content Head at Turner (Cartoon Network), Head of Brand and Communications at Save The Children, Senior Creative Officer at PZ Cussons, Creative and Content Head at Zee Entertainment Networks, 9x Media and Qyuki Digital Media. Moon has worked with Academy Award winning composer of Slumdog Millionaire, A R Rahman and Academy Award nominated director of Elizabeth I,II (Cate Blanchett), Shekhar Kapur and legendary filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh to create original content for TV and social media. Her degrees in Comparative Literature, Economics and Mass Communications 

inform her work. Moon is a creative and content strategist, filmmaker and thought-leader.

Moon translates brand messages into resonating human stories on microfilms.

As per renowned sociologist Hugh Mackay, consumers are driven by 10 broad-spectrum desires. These desires form the core of their motivations. For audience to resonate with a brand message and respond to a certain call to action, the messages must be rooted within this spectrum. Most reputable brands adhere to this.

However, human mind is an endless conundrum of inner conflicts and white noise which coexist in the very same spectrum. A powerful story, therefore, must penetrate each of the layers of conflict and resonate at a deeper level, in order to be embedded in long term memory and timely recall. 

A deeply resonating human story imprints a new self expanding social identity in an audiences' mind, cutting through the noise and creating long-term memory controlled by the Limbic System. The reason it happens is because story is central to human evolution, more so than opposable thumbs. Narrative story is the most powerful way to put inspiring ideas and new social identities into an audience's mind. And sharing an inspiring story on social media helps an audience construct positive self image and build an emotional connect with the brand. This brand commitment also connects an audience to a stable set of self meaning, which produces a consistent lines of activities such as purchase behavior. And film is the highest form of storytelling. This is the reason S2M is so effective. 

The story will end, the recall will linger.

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